Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 3.03.54 PMA diagnosis of cancer can invite us to look deeply into living more authentically and purposefully, regardless of our prognosis.

Dr. Lawrence LeShan shared nearly 40 years ago in his groundbreaking book Cancer as a Turning Point that purposeful living turns out to invite one’s immune system to mobilize toward well-being.

Rather than exploring “what’s wrong,” we will focus on what interests, fulfills, and vitalizes – and encourage you to find your own best ways of being, relating and creating. How, given the realities of your situation, can you move more toward this way of living? And, as we journey toward our best selves, our immune system hears that life is worth living and works toward our well-being.

During this group, we will dive into the workbook section of Cancer as a Turning Point. We will talk, become quiet, journal, and ultimately inspire one another’s authentic living at this challenging and remarkable time of life.

This group meets once a month on the 3rd Tuesday of the month from 6-7:15PM at OjaiCARES.

We’re studying Kelly Turner’s “Radical Remission” Course together monthly at our Cancer As A Turning Point Support Group. Through video, workbook and sharing, we’ll explore how people worldwide improved immune function and improved survivorship. Together, we’ll explore the 9 key factors, and find ways to bring more of them into our own lives. Join us, free for all clients and caregivers!

*It is not necessary to own a copy of the book. However, if you prefer to, we’d love you to order through Just login with your Amazon password, choose OjaiCARES as your charity, and make your purchase.