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Our resource library is filled with non-medical resources that are constantly being updated. Here you find the most up to date and relevant print materials that we loan out to anyone in the community with an interest in cancer.

Boutique – Wigs and other head coverings

Tips on Getting Ready for a Wig

Many women have found that it is best to cut their hair short before they start chemotherapy. It’s less traumatic to lose short clumps of hair than long ones-and it’s easier to fit a wig over less hair.

If you get used to short hair, you won’t have to wait as long for your hair to grow back to feel like yourself. Shorter is also cooler-an important consideration because wigs can feel hot in the summer.

Since a short-haired wig is easier to wear and care for, if your hair is already short you’ll have an easier time living with temporary hair of a similar length.

Wig Choices

Try to pick out a wig before your chemotherapy begins. You’ll have more energy and the stylist will be able to see your natural hair color and style. You can get used to wearing the wig in trial sessions, alternating with your own hair.

The wig needs to be comfortable, not lined with material that’s going to feel scratchy against your scalp. (Remember that most wigs are designed for women who have some hair.)

Color is probably the most important quality in choosing a wig. Select a somewhat lighter color than your own hair, for two reasons:

Your skin color may be off during chemotherapy. Less contrast is generally more flattering, and won’t call attention to your complexion. Wig hair is usually thicker than your own hair. So while the shade may be the same as your hair color, the wig will appear darker.

Turbans and hats are a lovely alternative to wigs, which some women find hot and uncomfortable to wear. An advantage of the Boutique at the Cancer Resource Center is that people may make a free selection of all kinds of headwear to take home and try out.

The types, colors, and styles of turbans, hats, and scarves are limited only by what is available at any given time at the center. Most have been made and donated by generous women in the area..