More Than A Survivor 

Mission Statement

OjaiCARES Cancer Resource Center’s mission is to provide a guiding hand and compassionate heart to people with cancer and their loved ones through services that educate, support, and empower people through the cancer journey.

Cancer does not discriminate between those who can afford care and those who cannot — and neither do we. Through compassionate care and a variety of complementary integrative services, we strive to make each cancer journey as easy and peaceful as possible. Compassion is the key.

OjaiCARES Cancer Resource Center is the only non-profit community-based organization providing comprehensive cancer support services to the Ojai Valley.


*OjaiCARES provides resources, information and referrals as requested by our clients, with the aim of increasing patient autonomy and informed decision-making. Suggestions by clients made at our groups and events are not an endorsement by OjaiCARES. OjaiCARES does not provide medical services.