A once-monthly group with with Leslie Bouche, C.Ht., Certified Hypnotherapist and Master of Therapeutic Imagery.Guided imagery is a safe, gentle and loving method for reducing anxiety and tension in the body and goes a long way towards helping with discomfort. This allows the individual to begin developing a new relationship with sensation, lessening fear, and gaining a greater sense of being in control.  Together, we can turn up the comfort!Imagery is now commonly used for pain control in many hospitals and health facilities, and as a tool for managing many physiological conditions. Medical research has shown that imagery actually has a powerful influence on the control systems of the body, influencing heart rate, blood pressure, our ability to heal quickly – and even our own ability to boost our immune system.
-Leslie BoucheParticipants will receive an mp3 or CD of the session, so you can listen whenever you’d like to greatly heighten and deepen the positive effects.
Every first Monday 6 – 7 pm – on drop-in basis

All services free of charge