Our Stories

A breast cancer diagnosis turned my whole life upside down, but OjaiCARES was there for me every stage of my journey. OjaiCARES is located in the heart of Ojai and provides services and support to people with cancer in the Ojai Valley. They are a great resource for information and advice and all of their services are free of charge. During my year long cancer journey, OjaiCARES provided me with gentle massages and Reiki healing to support my body and mind. They answered all of my questions and I made new friends in their weekly support groups. During the most stressful time in my life, I found the people at OjaiCARES really did care. With their help, I have not only survived, but thrived after cancer.

Holly Thrasher

OjaiCARES has been a lifeline for my husband Sean and me, as we journey through the ups and downs of living with cancer. They understand that caregivers need support too!

We have found love, guidance and fellowship from the various support groups. We’ve been able to  access more peace, feelings of well-being, as well as resilience, by attending their therapeutic yoga and imagery programs.

We’ve both received Reiki, oncology massage, and personal counseling – all of which makes it abundantly clear that we are not alone on this journey. It is difficult to express our appreciation in words – OjaiCARES has our heartfelt gratitude!

Sean and Deirde Daly

When I received my breast cancer diagnosis my world turned upside down. There were so many new issues to navigate and choices to be made regarding future treatment options, doctors, and help in researching all the new potentialities and pitfalls. A friend recommended OjaiCARES to me. Susan Kapadia, a patient navigator and advocate, helped me interpret my labs and reports one-on-one and provided invaluable caring support and recommendations by sharing her own story and expertise. Renee Mandala counseled me with her knowledge of, and training in, nutritional and adjunctive therapies. This important organization reaches deep into our community and offers its services to us without charge. That is amazing and important. I am so grateful that they exist to help guide fragile and frightened individuals with their calm wisdom and deep understanding. They helped me develop a plan going forward and offered unbiased referrals, ideas, and loving guidance. And that made all the difference to me.

Jennifer Niles