Sean betterWhen I was told I had cancer I wanted to know everything immediately. What type? What stage? Location? The process of finding out moved at a glacially slow pace, except my mind that never stopped. I wandered into OjaiCARES not even knowing what I wanted, but somehow they knew what I needed, the first being a hug and a shoulder to cry on. I was a wreck during those first few weeks and both Susan and Renee helped me transition into my life’s new direction. They introduced me to support groups, literature, and healing body work that has been instrumental in my ongoing recovery. I’m grateful to them beyond words!          Sean Daly


337466_237633699625584_2119313868_o (2)Ojai CARES is an amazing resource for those of us dealing with cancer. It’s such a wonderful feeling to know that there are people who genuinely care about cancer patients and our well being. I have had two incredible treatments so far~ an oncology massage, and reflexology. Both treatments were heaven on earth. Everything is very professional and clean, in a peaceful environment. I’m so grateful for Ojai Cares, and I can’t wait for my next treatment. I really do believe that it all adds up to healing of the mind, body and soul!     Danielle Martin