Our Volunteers

Ingrid Boulting

Yoga Instructor

Ingrid is the owner of Sacred Space Studio, and is a Registered Yoga Teacher [RYT] who began her practice in 1972. A devoted student of the healing arts, Ingrid has taught yoga since 1988 in her own unique style.


Leslie Bouche


I love helping people remember how to relax and connect to their own inner resources for health and comfort, and I love being part of this worthwhile and needed organization. We can be active participants in our own transformation, learning how to be less reactive, finding that peace and safety are truly available within.

Lori Clark Collins

Massage Therapist - Coordinator of Integrative Services

Lori is a licensed massage therapist, trained in oncology massage and Reiki.Lori attended the Body Therapy Institute in Santa Barbara in 1997 and never looked back! She started private practice the following year, and the year after,  joined the team at the Ojai Valley Inn and Spa, where she worked for 15 years.
After completing her initial training with the Greet The Day Oncology Massage program, Lori was introduced to Susan Kapadia and OjaiCARES.  “With my first conversation with Susan, not only was I impressed with what she was creating, but I knew I wanted to be a part of it,” says Lori. She’s gone on to complete Level II with Greet The Day and OjaiCARES clients benefit from it!

Michele Delalaine

Massage Therapist

Michele is a licensed massage therapist, trained in oncology massage and Reiki

Laurel Felice

Massage Therapist

Laurel brings twenty years of massage and bodywork experience to OjaiCARES.
She is trained in oncology massage and is a longtime hospice and therapy dog volunteer. She offers Reiki and cranial-sacral therapy as well with a reverent,
compassionate listening presence.

Bailey Gaddis


Bailey received her Hypnotherapy training through the Hypnosis Motivation Institute, where she graduated with honors. She specializes in pain management, anxiety, stress, and inner child work. In addition to her general Hypnotherapy practice she works as a HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator, helping women create a blissful pregnancy and empowering child birthing experience. After Bailey witnessed the power of guided meditation to support her mother through surgeries and treatments for breast cancer she’s felt a passion to provide this adjunct support for those traveling a similar path, or their loved ones, and is honored to have the opportunity to volunteer for OjaiCARES.

Karal Gregory

Reiki Therapist

Karal received Reiki certification in 2014 and is an Usui Reiki master in private practice here in Ojai. A Virginia native, she worked as a personal fitness trainer at gyms in Virginia Beach and Los Angeles before embarking on a more spiritually-oriented path several years ago. She believes that peace begins within and uses the healing powers of Reiki and mediation along with training in somatic awareness to assist clients with relaxation and stress relief. She works with both humans and animals, is a writer and photographer, and has two rescued senior Beagles, Tyler and Dora.

Angélica Griffith

Caregiver Massage Therapist

Angélica Griffith earned her Bachelor of Science Degree at the University Regiomontana in Monterrey, Mexico and began a career in Human Resources and Health Care Insurance, which she continued after moving to the United States. Caring for her family’s health, she increasingly researched and implemented non-toxic medical products and alternative non-drug treatments for back pain, arthritis, allergies and general health.These studies led her inevitably to her current private practice of applying advanced holistic techniques to pain management, wellness and homeostasis of the mind and body. Angélica focuses on massage therapy modalities such as Swedish, Sports, Ayurvedic, Prenatal Massage, Fire and Thera-Cupping, and Stretching to relieve pain and stimulate the flow of energy through the touch. She also uses non-invasive healing equipment such as LipoLaser, Chi Machine, Far Infrared, Micro-currency (FSM), Ondemad, Electro Reflex, and Epower. She is a certified practitioner of LipoLaser from Yolo Medical, Inc. in Canada, certified as Holistic Massage Therapist from the Ojai Massage School in Ojai, California. Certification of the International Cupping Therapy Association, and Diabasi Scoula of Massagio in Italy.

Deborah Lee

Caregiver Massage Therapist

Deborah became certified in structural integration in 1983 and has worked as a massage therapist in various professional settings over the years. She is now in private practice in Ventura, and also available in Ojai. Offering a blend of light to deep soft tissue massage, she seeks to bring balance and relaxation to her clients. As a caregiver herself for several years, Deborah understands the stressors in providing loving care to others, and seeks to bring some relief and peace to those giving so much. She has been blessed with a large family, a sweet cat and beautiful surroundings in which to enjoy all of nature

Kelli Loughman

Skincare Specialist

Successful entrepreneur Kelli Loughman has been a licensed and practicing aesthetician since 1996, and owner/operator of two spas in Ventura County. In May 2015, when her husband was diagnosed with cancer, Kelli knew she needed advanced training to be able to treat him safely throughout his medical treatment.Since receiving her clinical oncology certification from the Oncology Training International program, she’s learned how important it is for individuals with cancer to have skin care treatments that are personalized for their exact conditions, medications and current treatments. Her advanced training allows her to take all necessary precautions to ensure client’s safety during treatments.

Sharmila Mali

Reiki Master

Judy Mangione

Caregiver Massage Therapist

Judy has been practicing massage therapy for 23 years, 13 of them in a chiropractic setting. In 2008, Judy completed the 125-hour Neuro-Structural Bodywork course at Kali School Institute of Massage and Somatic Therapies, and has consistently and effectively treated patients with chronic and acute neck, back and hip pain. Her philosophy is to provide the highest level of skill and training to her clients, with good communication, allowing a pathway for healing and good health. Judy loves to apply her experience, training, and skill to help bring comfort and reduce muscular tension.

Judy lives in Ventura with her family, enjoys walks with her Labrador retriever, writing, cooking, and photography.

JoAnn Monak

Front Office Volunteer

JoAnn is a two time survivor of cancer, gastric and colon. She brings a uniquely qualified background to her role at OjaiCARES as a graduate of Nursing School in 1952. She worked as a nurse for 60 years in hospitals with varied positions in the ER, OR, and OB units as well as ICU and administration. In 1982, JoAnn furthered her education and graduated from Pacific Christian University with a degree in management.

JoAnn has two grown daughters and loves being a volunteer. She believes that the time she spends at OjaiCARES is her way to show appreciation for the services that are offered here to cancer patients, caretakers and survivors.

Susie Nixon


Suzie Nixon is following her heart adding reflexology, metamorphosis (a branch of reflexology) and Biofield Healing to her public health career of 30 years*. These touch, light touch and non-touch modalities complement each other to catalyze conditions of healing in the visible and invisible fields of the body-mind. She is thrilled to offer reflexology to OjaiCARES clientele, being of service in her hometown of 20 years, the place she happily raised her two kids to love natural living.

Andrew Ogden

Medical Qigong Instructor

A native of Ojai, Andrew has been using mind/body practices since 2003.  He only more recently formalized his education by completing a Reiki Master Program, Qigong and Tai Chi Instructor Certification, and becoming a CA Certified Massage Therapist. In each session he seamlessly communicates his understanding of teachings from many traditions, blending Western knowledge with Eastern wisdom into a dynamic practice.  A self-educated photographer, he is passionate about traveling and spending time in nature, letting the camera tell the story.


Stacy Potter

Nutrition Coach

Stacy Margolin Potter, M.A., C.H.C., was a professional tennis player from 1977-1987 and reached a World Ranking of #18. Since receiving her Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology she now works as Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, working with clients to achieve their health goals through her program and business, Balanced Eating & Lifestyle Coaching. www.stacypotterhealthcoach.com. Stacy is also a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP).  As a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach she specializes in nutrition, wellness, weight loss, stress management, eating and exercise behavior, body image, relationships, and motivation. On the physical side, for the past 18 years, Stacy and her husband Ian operate “Trails by Potter” www.hikingojai.com, a hiking, climbing and biking tour service  throughout the Ojai Valley and Ventura.  Stacy continues to be involved in the tennis world with Private Instruction and charities.  Since 2007 Stacy has enjoyed working as a volunteer with The Help of Ojai, a,k,a. Meals on Wheels.

Andre Ripa

Reiki Master

André got his Reiki Master certification in 1998. He also went on to study with the respected Tibetan Teacher, Sogyal Rimpoche, author of “The Tibetan Book of living and dying” Combining this background with a specialized focus in dolphin assisted therapy, André began supporting patients in their healing process.  He also got profound teachings through intensive work with shamanic traditions from Hawaii, Brazil and Peru.

Cheserae (Ta) Scala

End of Life Transition Guide

Since her youth, Cheserae found herself drawn to the subtle, the sacred, and the extraordinary, and she felt this call growing stronger ever since becoming a mother. She was blessed to have the opportunity to become a certified Death Midwife prior to her mother’s diagnosis with terminal cancer. Fulfilling this role for her mother and helping to create a peaceful and healing transition for her family and community was one of the greatest, and most transformational experiences of her life.
Inspired with a new vision of what is possible in death and dying, and having forged new alliances with Hospice, funeral homes, community leaders, and colleagues, Cheserae has committed to sharing this work with families, groups, and individuals. She currently works as a death doula, and offers end of life support, death care directives, after death care, home funeral planning and ceremony, as well as classes and programs for those interested in learning more about death and dying work.

Margaret Tarmy

Group Council Leader

Margaret Tarmy is a former northeasterner who moved to CA in 2012 after living in Vermont for her whole adult life.  She has facilitated group conversations in many settings, and has studied the practice of council at The Ojai Foundation.  Having faced cancer herself in 2007, she is enthusiastic about convening and being a part of council circles at OjaiCares.

Rebecca Wells Windinwood

Caregiver Group Support

Rebecca Wells Windinwood, M.A., L.M.F.T., has intimate experience with being a hands-on caregiver. She cared for her mother prior to her death from cancer in 1986 and for her father for five years in her home prior to his passing in 2014. A trauma therapist trained in body-oriented modalities, including Somatic Experiencing, Healing from the Body Level Up, and Inner Relationship Focusing, Becky believes that each person has his/her own inner wisdom that can be called upon for emotional, physical, and spiritual guidance and healing. She enjoys writing, photography, art, traveling, camping, communing with nature, and being of service, including being the devoted servant to her two beloved cats, Frankie and Lover Boy.